Backchecking 8.1


Skyleaf salary cap castoff Patrick Marleau is anticipated to sign this week and early indications have him joining Winnipeg, Edmonton, or Copenhagen.

Patrice Brisebois figures to be unceremoniously dumped by Denver as he won't be getting a shot to play and will need to go because of his salary and the new CBA rules.

Word out of Zurich has the Piranhas shopping their first round pick in the upcoming draft.

Reports from Arizona suggest the Phantoms are looking to pick up a big name, and have spoken to many teams including the Edmonton Racers about aquiring the team's former playoff MVP Mark Recchi.

Taken from -"The bad start for the Rams is contributed to the fact that they had to start the season outside the confines of the Dodge Arena. Though GM Mazzei was a little disturbed by the 0 and 4 road trip, he felt it was nothing a little kimchi and soju couldn't fix. And he was correct in his assumption with the Rams winning their first home game. Kimchi cures everything, including losing steaks." The Rams are also still shopping one of their goaltenders, looking for another position player or two in return.

Also Ram-related: Could Wayne Gretzky be on the chopping block just 5 games into the season? Not likely, but the rookie coach has struggled immensely.

The DWSHL is shopping 6 GM vacancies, the most since the DWSHL2 season. The on again, off again rumor regarding a DWSHL junior league appears to be back on.

The Battalion gave rare back-to-back starts to their backup when Jani Hurme played against both Washington and Ottawa.

This season's rookie crop is considerably week and the Young Gun trophy may go to a defenseman for the first time ever.

The league office, although remaining tight-lipped, figures to consider bringing further depth to the league in time, through some new and innovative ideas.


The Phantoms and Riptide swapped Jeff Woywitka and Blair Betts on Saturday. The Phantoms had aquired Woywitka from the Riptide in the off-season, when dumping the salary of Geoff Sanderson. However with injuries early on to their blueline, the Riptide are in need of some depth and got a player whos familiar with the system. The Phantoms are reportidly ecstatic with the aquisition of Betts.

The Attack began to rebuild the team in the form of clearing cap space by trading Jere Lehtinen to the Icebats for Adam Deadmarsh and Yannick Tremblay. Moving Lehtinen's 9.87 expiring contract in exchange for two solid roster players and around 4mill in cap relief is a good start in what could be a series of changes made by the team.


LW Petr Schastlivy, 27. Its clear Petr Schastlivy wants back into the Wolves lineup. Hes notched 7 goals thus far with the teams minor league affiliate, the Stealth. He told reporters: "Right now im going to do what i can to help these younger guys, but at this point in my career id like to be with the big boys." Daniel Tkaczuk would like to get back to, after playing a huge role for the team in the past.

The Wranglers have scored 5 goals in 6 games without anyone on their roster.

The Tampa Scarecrows are of to a hot start in the DWSDL8 season. The Scarecrows have won their first six contests by a combined score of 91-3, netting the following victories: 1-0 vs Capitals, 25-2 vs Pirates, 16-0 vs Blaze, 17-1 vs Snowcats, 23-0 vs Sharks, 9-0 vs Bolts. In the past five games the Battalion have averaged 18 goals per game. many of the players are in consideration for the pros next season and will need a strong and consistent effort to catch the eye of the Battalion brass.