Start of preseason/Announcement of Entry Draft host(s)

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Start of preseason/Announcement of Entry Draft host(s)

Postby dwshl » Tue May 15, 2018 4:49 am

Guys we have to get the ball rolling on something here. Thus far we have worked a step-by-step list to get ourselves back on our feet. I have been able to check most things off of the worklist. I don't see us making any more progress as far as activity go until we got some games on the ice. With that said I would like to set a tentative start date for the preseason.

I will plan to sim games on Sunday morning 6am EST. This date will remain tentative in case things are brought to light that will prevent us from doing so.

The player groups have been posted

The webclient seems to be working and the software client version will work as well (and has more options).

The rosters are up to date.

Tommorrow I will announce the hosts of the next two entry drafts (chosen at random).

I can answer any lingering questions here.

This is new to me also so I don't want to rush, overlook, or mess something up so if it is too fast we will continue to stall. But they way I see it we need to get some sims going. We can add on to the preseason from what it is (4/5 games) to 6 or 8 games.

If I need to do some tutorials I can.. if I need to explain things I can. There is no need to rush if we are going to fail we have been down a long time and can wait a little more if that is what is best.

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