Reorganization of JL

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Reorganization of JL

Postby dwshl » Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:12 am

Guys at this time we are doing an audit on the JL. We are doing so to improve the depth/skill of the talent pool. This will see the amount of teams go from 12 to 10. We will get to 10 by eliminating 3 teams through mergers and adding one team by divided the talent pool of one team among two. This will mean that Europe now consists of all the miscellaneous countries (Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, Austria) as well as Czech and Slovakia. Finland and Sweden will also merge. Russia will round out the 3 team group of European teams. A new team will be formed that will take half of the OHL talent (Eastern Conference) from the current Broncos team. More details as they emerge...

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