Length of CBA: 3 years (expires after DWSHL13), final year voided if sim engine is changed

Sim Engine Change
Form committee to review potential sim switch
Sim switch tentative for DWSHL12

Salary Cap
$47,000,000 maximum
$27,000,000 minimum (floor)
Counts DWSHL payroll only
Injuries count towards cap number

Violations: 1. Warning
               2. $5,000,000 fine
               3. Removal of GM
               4. GM has three days to appeal firing

Free Agency
FA Period
Four week free agency period
Agent will take offers except  on Sundays
Trade freeze in effect except Sundays
Free Agency thread in forum

Signing Bonus (SB) Allotment
Range: start of DWSHL season to end of free agency
 $10,000,000 maximum allowance
 Loss of up to $2,000,000 for GM inactivity
 Activity measured from first game of DWSHL regular season
 Losses enforced for DWSDL futility (see section: DWSDL)
 Unrestricted Free Agents
 NHL rerate/derate during offseason
 Position adjustment
 UFA age is in-season 26

Restricted Free Agents
   Harvie-Hockin Rule:
   No RFA player may  be traded once an offer has been made on him.
   RFA sign and trades may be conducted only amongst teams making initial offers

Opposing team must have the compensation before making an offer to an RFA.
RFA compensation is as follows
I: $9,400,000- $6,500,001: 4 1st round picks
II: $6,500,000- $5,000,001: 3 1st round picks
III: $5,000,000-$3,500,001: 2 1st round picks
IV: $3,500,000- $2,000,001: 1 1st round pick
V: $2,000,000- $1,000,001: 2 2nd round picks
VI: $1,000,000- $500,001: 2nd round pick
VII: $500,000- $250,000: 3rd round pick
RFA compensatory pick precedence will go as follows: Offering team’s picks, Owned picks
If team does not have proper compensation, the offer will be voided

New Signings
Newly signed RFA’s can be dealt at any time
Newly signed draft picks can be dealt at any time
Newly signed UFA’s can not be dealt until after AllStar break
Offersheet RFA’s can not be dealt until after AllStar break

Player Salaries
$9,400,000 maximum salary
Contracts exceeding maximum are grandfathered in
$400,000 minimum salary (non-entry players)
$250,000 entry-level minimum
Sub-minimum salaries bumped  after 10 DWSHL games played in a season

Franchise Player (FP)
Teams can use FP tag between DWSHL game 60 and start of following regular season
Must play four consecutive seasons with current team
One FP per team
Will make 21% of salary cap ($9,870,000)
Can receive up to an eight year contract
Can not trade FP
After contract expires FP becomes a UFA
Can void FP contract at any time (player becomes UFA)
FP buyout- $9,870,000
Grandfather contracts ($9.4M+) can not receive FP tag unless in final year of current contract

Entry Level Contracts
Contract scale for drafted players:
I: 1st-10th overall: $1,000,000-$700,000
II: 16th-32nd overall: $700,000-$600,000
III: 2nd round: $600,000-$450,000
IV: 3rd round: $450,000-$350,000
V: 4th round: $350,000-$250,000

Position Changes
Three random players selected per team to receive NHL position adjustment (season 11 & 12 only)
All changes based on TSN.ca
Forwards only
Multiple position players may only be changed once per season 

Teams may trade cash values of up to 50% of the sum of all the contracts they are trading
Draft picks may not be traded for cash alone

Double Shifting
No double-shifting during playoffs
Auto lines if caught
If outside of standard combination (12F, 6D) additional forwards may only be played on fourth line.

Player Audit
NHL rerates/derates shall be performed in prior to even numbered seasons (DWSHL12)
Up to three players rerated/derated per season

Coaching Audit
Commissioner will establish committee to perform hybrid DWSHL/NHL ratings audit
Establish new DWSHL coaching rerate system

Regular Season Schedule
Extend to 160 days
Double sim
No Sunday sim
Schedule basis 6-2-1

Playoff Sim Schedule
One sim per day, per conference

Financial Overhaul
Overhaul entire financial landscape

Drunks Cup Winner: $12,000,000
Drunks Cup Loser: $6,000,000
Awards Winners: $1,000,000

DL Champion: $6,000,000
2nd-4th: $4,000,000
5th-10th: $2,000,000
11th-16th: $1,000,000
17th-20th: -$1,000,000
21st-24th: -$2,000,000
25th-28th: -$4,000,000
29th-32nd: -$6,000,000

Champion: $4,000,000
Playoff teams: $1,000,000
Top Draft Pick bonus (1st Overall): $2,000,000
Placement bonus (per drafted player):  $250,000

Revenue Sharing
Top five revenue earners share 20% of profit
Total shared revenue divided by five teams with lowest funds

Introduce new endorsement system
All current endorsements null and void

TV Deals
Mandated television deals
The league will have a regional/national TV deal program which will see every team in the league achieve various levels of stable and predictable income.

Regional TV deals will be team determined and based upon regular season success:
Drunks Champion: $5,000,000
Playoff Team: $4,000,000
Non-Playoff Team: $3,000,000
Draft-Lotto Team: $2,000,000

National TV deals
For every playoff game played, $1,000,000 will be added to National TV deal pool
Will be divided evenly among all 32 teams

Hockey School
Elimination of hockey school

Formation of four team playoff (3-game series)
AllStar Game
Continue futility penalties as outlined in original CBA (bottom eight teams)
 1st losing season: no penalty
 2nd losing season: 10% cut in signing bonus
 3rd losing season: 20% cut in signing bonus
$2,000,000 salary maximum
73 OV rating maximum
72 OV rating maximum for re-rate eligibility

Reduction of penalty minutes
Reduction of injuries
Extend season to 40 days
Division of shares: Master (55%), Standard (5%)