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Nighthawks: oh yeah

Nighthawks: here we go

Kings GM: good evening gentlemen

Justice: umbi said he was going to be late but asked if i could hand in his 1st pick

Nighthawks: where are you kings gm

Nighthawks: :D

Justice: is that ok ty or ryley

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Battalion: yes

Justice: he wants pk subban

Texas GM: joel did you secure the pick..or no?

Justice: if i leave ty or ryley i will send my list into you before i go.

Justice: my wife is due today so may have to leave

Battalion: i am a little behind as in way behind dont have order situated. there are a few people dealing on behalf of others that is fine but if any funny business goes down it wont be pretty

Justice: no

Justice joined the chat 5 hours ago

Nighthawks: haha, gotta appreciate your priorities and attitude Copeland

Justice: hey mike osterloh cant get in

Justice: hahahahaha

Justice: the wife hates hockey even more that this league started back up

Battalion joined the chat 5 hours ago

Justice: :)

Battalion: ok i paid for the upgrade should be no limit on people

Chevs GM joined the chat 5 hours ago

Chevs GM: Hey guys

Nighthawks: .

Justice: but, when u landed a stud like me she shouldnt complain :D

Nighthawks: last call for trades

Nighthawks: what will you offer me for the 3rd pick overall?

Icebatty: 13th and something off my roster?

Kings GM: zach miskovich for that pick?

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Chevs GM: are we waiting for a certain time or # of GMs to start?

BlizzardGM: finally

Icebatty: 13th, 33rd and 44th?

BlizzardGM: anyone want the 25th overall, 2 2nds, and a 3rd.. let me know if ineterested

Justice: prolwers wont be in as well

Justice: he said i could have his pick

Justice joined the chat 5 hours ago

Justice: whats the email i need to send my list just in case

Battalion: i will start in a second not prepared but we can move along until we hit a bump in the road

Battalion: tweir20@verizon.net

Justice: whp ever drafts Logan Couture is getting punched in the throat

Justice: thanks ty

Justice: who

Battalion: alright lets star

Battalion: t

Nighthawks: icebats, 13th and a player of high calibre, your choice

Battalion: Edmonton is up and takes P.K. Subban

Battalion: Jacksonville has traded up to #2

Icebatty: you tell mewhat's high caliber

Justice: he wants Logan couture

Nighthawks: too late

Justice: hes at his daughters soccer game

Justice: and i can punch him

Nighthawks: by his list then

Justice: thats fine is he didnt send a list then its his bad

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Battalion: Nighthawks up at #3

Justice: i just hope hes there at number 70

Justice: lol

Nighthawks: what did they pick

Battalion: Prowlers take Logan Couture

Nighthawks: ok

Justice: booooo

Battalion: does anyone have an updated version of the draft order

Chevs GM: I had Couture #1 on my list

Battalion: Nighthawks on the cloc

Battalion: Nighthawks on the cloc

Nighthawks: yes

Justice: me too

Nighthawks: i have my own picks in an order

Justice: plus i have a man crush on him

Falcons GM joined the chat 5 hours ago

Chevs GM: hahaha

BlizzardGM: matt texas.. i emailed you..

Nighthawks: ryan mcdonagh for nighthawks

Battalion: phantoms up at #4

IceDogs GM joined the chat 5 hours ago

ArizonaPhantoms: Arizona will take Wayne Simmonds

Nighthawks: .

Falcons GM: Turns out I don't even have a pick in the draft!

Battalion: who is up at #5 ? Houston

Nighthawks: haha

Chevs GM: lol

Kings GM: i traded #5

Icebatty: offers for 13th?

Hornets: I'll take Kevin Shattenkirk

Kings GM: houston if i remember correctly

Battalion: Chevaliers up at #6

Chevs GM: Yup, one sec

Chevs GM: Hornqvist

IceDogs GM: G"day gents. Please don't wait for me to pick. I'm at office, so may be away from keyboard for lengthy periods at a time (I've emailed a list)

IceDogs GM: also, willing to listen to offers on my pick

Battalion: Sabercats up at #7

Justice: u better hope theres a goalie on it Havrs

Justice: what pick

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IceDogs GM: #15

Justice: here the list ty

Justice: nm not letting paste it

Kings GM: go justice you're drunk

Kings GM: please don't paste your list here

Kings GM: *go home

Kings GM: i'm drunk too

Nighthawks: please ban kings gm

Justice: someone seems upset about having a bad hockey team

Kings GM: .

Chevs GM: everybody is drunk

Justice: dont take it out of me, its ur team

Texas GM: lets keep going here

Nighthawks: yuuuuup

BlizzardGM: scanlon here?

Battalion: Sabercats select James van Riemsdyk

Chevs GM: i traded 29 so ill be back in a bit

Battalion: is # 8 still Rams

BlizzardGM: is there PM in this chat room

Battalion: yes shud be

Falcons GM: LOL everyone on my team is available, get at me!

BlizzardGM: shit, can't PM as a visitor.. oh well

Nighthawks: :D

Justice: im some what intertested in Teddy Purcell

Nighthawks: Rams...

Nighthawks: ...

Justice: Texas are u there

Texas GM: ahh yup

Nighthawks: it's vancouver

Texas GM: Blizzard check email

Justice: can you tell us how u plan on turning ur rotted ass team into a hockey club

Justice: ;)

BlizzardGM: saw it.. posting on the trade board now

Texas GM: lol... i know looks like number 10 on the express

Texas GM: :)

Justice: hahahahaha

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Justice: atleast hes tough

Texas GM: true ....the bruiser...i love him

Justice: unlike 18 the wuss

Justice: everyone loves him

Justice: its the kid

BlizzardGM: posted Matt

Justice: unreal

Justice: matty

Justice: moving up in the draft

Texas GM: k thnx

Justice: i have 71 and 85 avail

Icebatty: brad marchand's neck beard is atrocious

Battalion joined the chat 4 hours ago

Justice: ur intertested inhim arent u

Texas GM: whos pick..rams?

Kings GM: waiting for rams

BlizzardGM: 45, 55, and 63 are available..

Battalion: ok Rams select G Sergei Bobrovsky

Battalion: Attack are up

Justice: ictbats

Icebatty: yes

Icebatty: ?

Justice: u want Marchand dont u

Justice: he'd be ur best player

Icebatty: and my worst beard, but you know all about beards, don't you?

Battalion: Attack select Kris Versteef

Justice: sure, and so will u one day when u become a man

Battalion: Versteeg

Nighthawks: .

Justice: couple more yrs

Icebatty: in a couple more years, you might get that joke.

Nighthawks: Justice

Nighthawks: what do you want for marchand

Justice: i think u should be more worried about ur rotted out hockey team, instead of checking out dudes

Battalion: Blizzard up at #10

Nighthawks: i have 21st overall

BlizzardGM: one sec

Calgary Storm joined the chat 4 hours ago

Icebatty: In the span of ten minutes, you've used the rotted shot twice. It's called a thesaurus.

Calgary Storm: I"M HERE!!!!

Battalion: hi Ted

Justice: i need a centre..

Battalion: anyone logging the picks

BlizzardGM: yes

Nighthawks: where's ryley

BlizzardGM: i've got the first 9

Justice: i just call it like i see icebatty

BlizzardGM: and Blizzard will take Brandon Sutter

Calgary Storm: i am looking for picks.

Calgary Storm: Iginla, Leopold, Mezaros, and others ALL available

BlizzardGM: calgary, I have 45, 55, and 63

Icebatty: 13th is available Ted

Battalion: he had to work so i am running it by myself but my prep time was interrupted so i am in over my head

Calgary Storm: ok, good. i want it.

Nighthawks: calgary, i have 21, 40, 46 and tuomo ruutu - c

Battalion: havent even grabbed a master list of players yet

Nighthawks: what will you offer

Icebatty: as sre the 33rd and 44th

Battalion: Storm are up at #11

Calgary Storm: I have Iginla and others.

BrahmasGM: Icebatty check your email.

Calgary Storm: take a look and tell me what your interested in

Battalion: Storm on the clock

Calgary Storm: cool.

BlizzardGM: subban, couture, McDonagh, Simmonds, Shattenkirk, Hornqvist, JVR, Bobrovsky, Versteeg and sutter top 10

Calgary Storm: may I have a moment to mark off all that are gone off my list?

Justice: hey icebatty, maybe i'll take u under my wing this year,

Justice: help u turn that mess of players u have into a hockey team

Justice: its best for the league

Battalion joined the chat 4 hours ago

Justice: >:D<

Battalion: guys please try the pm feature i tried turning it on

Kings GM: .

Falcons GM: works

BlizzardGM: works

Battalion: ok good

Icebatty: seems to work

BlizzardGM: thx Ty

Battalion: np

Calgary Storm: Storm selects David Desharnais

Battalion: is umbi here yet

Justice: what do u think icebatty?? are u willing to learn

Battalion: was #12 pick traded

racers: yes im here

racers: yes it was

Kings GM: yes it was

Kings GM: pick

Kings GM: *my pick

BrahmasGM joined the chat 4 hours ago

Battalion: k Stockholm Kings on the clock

Kings GM: Stockholm Kings vill ha Matt Read

Nighthawks: .

Icebatty: damnit

Kings GM: Kings will take Matt Read

Battalion: Icebats on the clock #13

Justice: i know, this is going to be a mess

Justice: lol

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Calgary Storm: Iginla or Leopold available in a deal for a top 15 pick

IceDogs GM: looking for offers on 15 overall

Icebatty: galliardi

Icebatty: TJ, not the other mope

Justice: make sure u get someone to play with Blair Jones icebatty

Hornets: 14 and 27 for both Iginla and Leopold

IceDogs GM joined the chat 4 hours ago

Battalion: haha blair jones

Calgary Storm: hmm..Hornets are on to something here.......

Justice: hahaha its one of his best players ty

Nighthawks: what about blair jones

Battalion: Hornets on the clock at 14 btw

Battalion: Hornets on the clock at 14 btw

Justice: i'll be right back guys.... im not till later... icebatty ur on ur own for now... try not to mess up ur team any worst then it already is.. :-S

Nighthawks: hornets please select

BlizzardGM: phaneuf available guys... anyone interested? looking for best offer..

Nighthawks: game at one hour

IceDogs GM: Deal done between IceDogs & Brahmas

Nighthawks: .

Calgary Storm: i was looking for the hornets.

racers: markov available also...

Hornets: 14th, 27th, and Goncharov for Iginla and Leopold is on the table Calgary

Nighthawks: hey, you can't make trades on that 14th anymore, it's your choice right now

Calgary Storm: he can't?

Nighthawks: nope

Battalion: he can trade it but we cant wait all day

Battalion: give yall about 3 more minutes

Chevs GM: Just have the other gm tell you who he wants, then trade him

Nighthawks: i agree with you ty

IceDogs GM: IceDogs Trade #15 overall to the Brahmas for #50 overall, and Brahmas' next year's first and second round picks (posted on board, too)

Nighthawks: and it's been at least 3 already

IceDogs GM: I'm out for now gents, will be back in 20

Hornets: yes or no on that offer Calgary ?

Kings GM: Storm, did you check my offer?

Calgary Storm: was it over a message here or email?

Kings GM: email

Hornets: I'm just gonna pick don't want to hold things up anymore ..I'll take Andrew MacDonald

Calgary Storm: good.

Calgary Storm: you should...sorry for the delay

Battalion: Brahmas up at #15

BrahmasGM: I'll pick Carl Hagelin

Battalion: Rams up and take Nathan Gerbe

Battalion: Bison up at 17

Sabercats joined the chat 4 hours ago

Calgary Storm: there has been a trade.

Calgary Storm: Calgary Storm has acquired the #17 pick.

Calgary Storm: do i have to post it on the message board or state it here?

Kings GM: from who? my offer included #117

Calgary Storm: Bison

Sabercats: I got I've?

Calgary Storm: Anisamov and the #17 for Iginla

Sabercats: I got jvr?

Denver Bison: i verify this... where do we have to post it?

Nighthawks: dwshl forum

Calgary Storm: alright.

Nighthawks: http://www.dwshl.com/forum/viewforum.php...

Calgary Storm: should I make the pick now to speed it up or boards first?

Battalion: Storm up

Battalion: make pick. still need to post it but you can make pick

Denver Bison: i'm posting it now

Calgary Storm: i posted...hehe

Battalion: JVR to sabercats at #7

Calgary Storm: Alright...

Battalion: k you are up Ted

Calgary Storm: Calgary selects Anders Lindbeck

Calgary Storm: Lindback

Battalion: nice

Battalion: Arizona on clock at #18

Calgary Storm: thank you.

ArizonaPhantoms: Arizona will take Mathieu Perreault

Battalion: Vipers up

Calgary Storm: Mezaros available...

Calgary Storm: Leopold available

Battalion: dont think i have a list from vipers

Battalion: i will double check

Battalion: if anyone has first 18 can u post

BlizzardGM joined the chat 4 hours ago

MountiesGM2 joined the chat 4 hours ago

BlizzardGM: i can post..

BlizzardGM: subban, couture, McDonagh, Simmonds, Shattenkirk, Hornqvist, JVR, Bobrovsky, Versteeg and sutter top 10

BlizzardGM: desharnais, Matt Read, TJ Galiardi, Andrew MacDonald, Carl Hagelin, Nathan Gerbe, Anders Lindback, Perrault

Boston Bandits joined the chat 4 hours ago

BlizzardGM: that's everyone so far

Battalion: hagelin went to who

BlizzardGM: he was 15 ov

BrahmasGM: Brahmas

Battalion: ok

BlizzardGM: Brahmas

BlizzardGM: 45, 55, and 63 available still...

Battalion: Vipers will get Carl Gunnarrsson

Battalion: Spartans on clock

Boston Bandits: gunnarrson - 21st pick?

Battalion: gunnarrson is 19 to the Vipers

SpartanGM: he was the 19th...just checking one thing...30 seconds

Boston Bandits: I cant' count... learned to read in school so I have that

Nighthawks: who is 20

SpartanGM: I'll take Zach Smith

Justice Gm joined the chat 4 hours ago

Battalion: Nighthawks up

Nighthawks: Nighthawks take Alex Killorn

Battalion: Brahmas up

BrahmasGM: Brahmas will pick Yannick Weber

Battalion: Attack up

Battalion: take Condra

Calgary Storm: Messaros and Leopold still here.....

Justice Gm joined the chat 4 hours ago

Denver Bison was timed out 3 hours ago

Denver Bison joined the chat 3 hours ago

Texas GM: what are we up to 23?

BlizzardGM: 24 i think

Texas GM: k

BrahmasGM: 24

Battalion: t-rex up

BlizzardGM: i think condra just went at 23

Nighthawks: we are at 24

Kings GM: .

BlizzardGM: 45, 55, and 63 available

BrahmasGM: Who has 24? T-rex still?

Calgary Storm: Mezzaros available for this pick.....

Nighthawks: what do you want

Nighthawks: i have 3 2nd rounders

Nighthawks: .

Calgary Storm: in this years draft?

Nighthawks: yes

Nighthawks: 33, 40, 46

Hornets was timed out 3 hours ago

Hornets joined the chat 3 hours ago

Texas GM: t-rex have a list? :)

IceDogsGM joined the chat 3 hours ago

Battalion: t-rex take mats zuccarello

Texas GM: nice pick

Battalion: Texas up

Texas GM: Brendan Smith

Battalion: Galaxy up

Battalion: galaxy take aaron palushaj

Battalion: Hornets up

Hornets: Steve Mason

Battalion: Attack take Jason Demers

Battalion: Hornets again

Battalion: ??

Battalion: right 29 ov

Hornets: Dustin Jeffrey

Battalion: Kings up

Kings GM: Kings take Jonathon Blum

Battalion: Round 2 on the way in 30 seconds

Icebatty: not horrible time

Icebatty: for all the action

BlizzardGM: anyone interested in 45, 55, and 63?

Battalion: Piranhas up and take Jake Muzzin

Battalion: Galaxy take Nick Spaling

Nighthawks: Nighthawks and Storm make trade for 33rd pick; http://www.dwshl.com/forum/viewtopic.php...

Battalion: Storm up

Nighthawks: .

Calgary Storm: Storm Selects Mike Sauer

Icebatty: bah

Calgary Storm: bah what?

Nighthawks: haha

Icebatty: bah, that was a good pick I wish I got to make

Calgary Storm: thats why i wanted that pick.

Calgary Storm: just double checked my options.

Chevs GM: The key to the draft... Mike Sauer.

Justice: lol

Calgary Storm: i wouldn't say Key...hehe

Nighthawks: yeah

Calgary Storm: just useful

Icebatty: no, the key to the draft is having 1 or 2, the key to 33 might be sauer

Nighthawks: was good for both

Calgary Storm: it was.

Battalion: Rams up

Calgary Storm: i'm happy so far for the first time with my picks.

Boston Bandits: He was on my list

Nighthawks: not around

Calgary Storm: i had him at 17 on my list

Battalion: take David Ullstrom

Chevs GM: Ty after 35 & 36 im sending you a generalized list

Battalion: ok

Battalion: Chevs up 35

Boston Bandits: Who did rams take?

Battalion: David Ullstrom

Chevs GM: RW Patrick Kaleta

Chevs GM: LW Dwight King

Chevs GM: 35/36

Boston Bandits: o I get it

Battalion: Bandits up

Boston Bandits: Bandits proudly select Mikael Backlund ( unless I missed him going )

Nighthawks: not gone, nice pick

Justice joined the chat 3 hours ago

Calgary Storm: forgot about him.

Icebatty: he certainly slipped down

Justice: really nick pick

Justice: nice

Battalion: Rams take Nick Palmieri at 38

Kings GM: swedish players are mine, mine, mine. damnit.

Nighthawks: haha

Battalion: Icebats up then Nighthawks

Icebatty: frattin

Nighthawks: nick palmieri is not swedish

Battalion: Nighthawks up

Boston Bandits: palmeiri is american

Boston Bandits: isn't he

Battalion: hes talkin about backlund

Kings GM: Nighthawks: no shit? I'm talking about Backlund

Nighthawks: haha

Boston Bandits: haha

Nighthawks: my turn but i will take a moment

Justice: sharp,skinner and marchand on the block. not interested in late picks

Justice: i need C's and RW's

Boston Bandits: Palmeiri was on Team USA World Junior team, when John Carlson Crushed Eberle, and Hall's hearts in Stoon

Battalion: Storm after nighthawks

Justice: PM me

Boston Bandits: justice I need a LW, but I think you hate my team

Justice: hahhahaha

Justice: try me

Justice: i have neal,sharp,skinnerand marchand and prust at LWer's i need to trade one or 2

Icebatty: he hates everybody's team. It isn't personal, just megalomania

Nighthawks: nighthawks take brandon bollig

BlizzardGM: anyone for 45, 55, and 63?

Justice: i dont hate everyones team,

Battalion: Storm on clock

BrahmasGM: what pick are we on?

Battalion joined the chat 3 hours ago

Calgary Storm: Storm Selects Tyler Johnson

BrahmasGM: damn nice pick

Kings GM: who? me neither

Battalion: Phantoms up #42 overall

ArizonaPhantoms: ill take Kaspars Daugavins

Justice: Bandits u do need LW geeezzzz

Boston Bandits: Lol

Justice: hahha

Boston Bandits: trying to watch Rays/Jays game and have 13 windows open... and my have the flu... so I'm getting dizzy

Battalion: 43 Kings 44 Icebats 45 Blizzard 46 Nighthawks 47 Kings 48 Phantoms

Sabercats: Anyone interested in jovanovski let me know

Kings GM: just a sec

Nighthawks: nobody

Nighthawks: 5,5 mil deal no way dude

Justice: lol

Justice: even at 1mil lol

Justice: no thank you

Nighthawks: yeah

Kings GM: Välkommen till Stockholm mr. Corey Tropp

Kings GM: Tropp it is

Nighthawks: (he's trying to be swedish)

Battalion: Icebats up

Calgary Storm: i can try, but i'm far from Swedish

Icebatty: prosser

Calgary Storm: closer to canadian, eh?

Calgary Storm: for me

Battalion: anyone in this coming picks trade for wolski ?

Nighthawks: closer to hick

Battalion: k Blizzard are up

Calgary Storm: no, i would say not possible for near detroit, but...that is kind of wrong

BlizzardGM: is gustafson available still?

Nighthawks: yes

BlizzardGM: i'll take him pls

Battalion: Nighthawk up

Nighthawks: ben scrivens thank you

Battalion: Kings up

Boston Bandits: is that the 43rd?

BlizzardGM: 46

Nighthawks: that was the 46

Nighthawks: Kings 47

Boston Bandits: yikes

Calgary Storm: Gus, god he sucks

Calgary Storm: Monster Suck

Kings GM: this will take some time, sorry

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Kings GM: Schlemko it is

Boston Bandits: tropp - 42 , Prosser - 43?, Gustafson - 44?

Nighthawks: huge pick

Battalion: Phantoms up

ProwlersGm2: hey guys

Justice: dont hey me razy

Justice: u drafted Logan

Justice: still upset about it

ProwlersGm2: easy copey, yah so happy your upset about it

Justice: hahahaha

ArizonaPhantoms: Arizona will take Robert Bortuzzo

Justice: u would

ProwlersGm2: anyone available looking for D

Justice: wwell i have Roszy avail

Battalion: Vipers up anyone have picks thus far need to choose for him

Justice: i know u like him

Battalion joined the chat 3 hours ago

Battalion: Dwight King avail

Battalion: ?

Justice: nope

Texas GM: no

Justice: he went coouple turns ago

Texas GM: give him Michael Neal....james neals brother...awful

Justice: lol

Texas GM: well no list

Justice: hes not the real deal thats forsure

Icebatty: isnjamie benn's brother out there as well, if we're picking the other brother

Battalion: eric tangradi

Calgary Storm: what pick are we on now?

Battalion: 50

Battalion: Icedogs are up


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Justice: 20 more then im up

Justice: yessss

Icebatty: I'll be back in 50 picks

Battalion: where is harvie he is up

Texas GM: Ted check your email..

SpartanGM: 54th is available

Calgary Storm: i did....

Boston Bandits: what do you want?... Milan Hedjuk?

Calgary Storm: i don't kow.

Kings GM: bruins-hawks here we go

Justice: man... marchand looks good

Boston Bandits: lol

Kings GM: his a beautiful fella

Boston Bandits: what do you want for him?... Milan Hedjuk

Justice: yah right

Calgary Storm: Storm might be interested in the 54th...nothing huge though

Justice: marchands a stud

Icebatty joined the chat 2 hours ago

Justice: i wouldnt be surpised if he score soon

Icebatty: anybody got a body for pick 101?

Battalion: gonna have to pick for harvie

BlizzardGM: we still on 50

Battalion: he sent a small list only

BrahmasGM: yea still on 50

Battalion: 1 sec

Nighthawks: .

Battalion: andrew desjardins

Battalion: Brahmas up 51 and 52

MountiesGM2: I heard in a rumor the Falcons are looking to move Crosby for a 4th rounder...

Kings GM: anyone interested in #117?

BrahmasGM: Brahmas pick 51. Tom Sestito 52. Dana Tyrell

Falcons GM: I think I heard that too

Falcons GM: I heard Ovechkin was leaving Toronto for $1

MountiesGM2: That's more than I'm paying him...

Battalion: 53 attack take butler

Kings GM: kellyyyy

Battalion: 54 Spartans

Battalion: 55 Blizzard 56 Galaxy 57 Rams 58 Storm 59 Crunch 60 Lumberjacks

Battalion: spartans up

Falcons GM: Ovechkins salary is not $1!

SpartanGM: drayson Bowman

Battalion: Blizzard up

BlizzardGM: checking.. ellerby avail?

MountiesGM2: He earns 8 cents a day, that is y he wears #8

Battalion: yes

BlizzardGM: we'll take him

Battalion: Galaxy take Spencer Machacek

Boston Bandits: great one

Falcons GM: Gooo Home Mounties... You're Drunk

Battalion: Rams take Justin Falk

Battalion: Storm up

Calgary Storm: took my player

Calgary Storm: Jan Mursal

Calgary Storm: Mursak

Battalion: Texas up

Texas GM: isnt it crunch?

Calgary Storm: hey, if i'm not here, just go by mylist

Texas GM: are we at pick 59 or 60?

Battalion: yes

Battalion: yes

Battalion: Crunch are up

Battalion: didnt give me a list for this pick

Kings GM: bpa

Justice: shit nice pick rams

Battalion: Tim Kennedy is he is available

Texas GM: yes

BlizzardGM: i think so..

Justice: should be

Justice: lol

Battalion: ok round 3 uo

Battalion: up

Calgary Storm: yeah, i thik so

Battalion: anyone keeping track of the picks

Calgary Storm: kind of.

Texas GM: my pick last of round 2 i think ..pick 60 we are at

BlizzardGM: im missing 3.. 41, and 59

Calgary Storm: i mark off who is not available from my list

Texas GM: that was 59

BlizzardGM: kennedy was 59

Calgary Storm: 41 was Jan Mursak to Calgary Storm

BlizzardGM: who was 41?

Battalion: Lumberjacks are up

Justice: booo

Falcons GM: Shaw you bleeding? Yeahhhh you bleeding

Calgary Storm: i think

BlizzardGM: that was 58?

Calgary Storm: 58

Texas GM: Alec Martinez available?

BlizzardGM: mursak? was 58

Battalion: 58 mursak

Calgary Storm: Tyler Johnson i think was 41

BlizzardGM: i have him at 40

Battalion: ben scrivens was 40

BlizzardGM: ok

BlizzardGM: got it all then

BlizzardGM: thanks

Kings GM: 40th was bollig, 46th scrivens

Boston Bandits: wasnt scrivens 46?...

BlizzardGM: who was 39 then?

Battalion: 3 was mcdonagh

Boston Bandits: bollig - 39?

BlizzardGM: i have palmieri at 38, Bolling at 39

Kings GM: bollig was 40th, nighthawks

Battalion: frattin was 39

Nighthawks: .

Nighthawks: yeah

Boston Bandits: frattin is the one I missed...

BlizzardGM: frattin 39, bollig 40, and johnson 41?

Boston Bandits: yes

BlizzardGM: ok, got it then.. thanks

Battalion: alright texas is up

Battalion: i think it is logging our chat but as a backup

Texas GM: alec martinez available?

Battalion: yes

Nighthawks: yes

Justice: hahahahaa

Kings GM: yup

Justice: of coarse

Justice: noone wants him

Boston Bandits: I thought Martinez just went

Texas GM: k..lol

Texas GM: thnx

Justice: he fits in just nicely on the lumberjacks

Justice: top 2 forsure

Justice: lol

Texas GM: might be your best dman....well behined rosival of course

Justice: lol

Justice: probs

Texas GM: so 3rd round now?

Battalion: yeah if u take martinez

Texas GM: yes

Justice: justice strugle at the back end no serect here

ProwlersGm2: looks like the Jays streak will come to an end

Boston Bandits: you shut your mouth

Boston Bandits: lol

Calgary Storm: i have the 69 and 99 picks.

Calgary Storm: just waiting...hehe

ProwlersGm2: hoepfully they can pull a comeback late

Boston Bandits: TB put Juiced balls on the field in the 2nd..... this game will be reversed if Jays can get 2 runs

Justice: well there steak was longer then the ones matt left in the underwear at ur parents house

Justice: lol

MountiesGM2 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Justice: say true lamberjacks

ProwlersGm2: you admitted it too those are your undies copey

Boston Bandits: martinez pick 60?

Texas GM: bhahah....we need dna testing

Justice: nope case has been re opened

Texas GM: yes pick 60 correct martinez

Nighthawks: .

ProwlersGm2: i recall wedding day you confessed copeland?

Justice: say ture

Texas GM: say true

Justice: for 1 yr

Justice: its been over a year that was the deal

Boston Bandits: jays have a runner

BrahmasGM: Wait Tampa Bay put juiced balls on the field in the 2nd?

Battalion: Piranhas take klinkhammer

Justice: what pick we at

Boston Bandits: back to back to back jacks... its sobvious

Justice: i think im up soon

Battalion: phantoms up then blizzard at 63

Boston Bandits: obvoious

Justice: thanks

Boston Bandits: neither of those sp

ArizonaPhantoms: Arizona will take Matt Bartkowski

BrahmasGM: I think Will Myers is just a stud :P

Boston Bandits: super stud

Boston Bandits: no batting gloves is so sexy when you jackem 430

Boston Bandits: the dick

Battalion: blizzard up

Boston Bandits: love Chris Davis in Baltimore.. probably best looking guy in league and all he does is mash

BlizzardGM: zach redmond still there i think, right?

Boston Bandits: no bandits were taking him 66

BlizzardGM: lol

BlizzardGM: blizzard take Redmond pls

Boston Bandits: not too late to change your mind

Boston Bandits: he sucks.... has a bum leg or something

BlizzardGM: hmmmm,

BlizzardGM: wow, didn't know that...

Justice: no way bandits, josh hamilton way sexier

BlizzardGM: umm, ok, Blizzard take..............

BlizzardGM: Zach Redmond

Boston Bandits: or is pure stud.. that came back from huge adversity and will alow jets to trade bogosian if they need

Battalion: 64 chevaliers

Boston Bandits: tho I love bogo

BlizzardGM: i think that's all i got boys.. gotta run.. thanks for the fun!

Boston Bandits: not gonna stic to see who my back up pick is?

BlizzardGM: (i'm still watching.. can't even wait!!)

Boston Bandits: Hamilton struggling this year. but very attractive

Boston Bandits: lol..twice

Justice: VERY

Battalion: ryan reaves avail

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Texas GM: yes

Boston Bandits: great grit

Battalion: chevaliers take reaves

Battalion: Texas then bandits

Texas GM: Justin Braun available?

Justice: u wouldnt

Battalion: yes

Nighthawks: .

Texas GM: ill take him

Justice: asshole

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Texas GM: you likely don't even know who he is

Boston Bandits: am I up?

Texas GM: yes i think so

Battalion: yes

Boston Bandits: Matt Bartkowski

Texas GM: hes been picked already

ArizonaPhantoms: i just took bartkowski

Boston Bandits: booooo urns

Boston Bandits: The other one I missed.

Boston Bandits: Mark Arcobello

Battalion: piranhas take matsumoto

Justice: where r we

Boston Bandits: good night fellas. will follow from phone..... when is free agengy signings allowed?

Boston Bandits: 68 i think

Calgary Storm: i was lighting fireworks off with my kids.

Justice: thanks for the update ted

Justice: i was getting worried

ProwlersGm2: thanks Ted

Justice: next time tell us first

Calgary Storm: heh

Justice: lol

Calgary Storm: i DID have the laptop out there with me..hehe

Texas GM: good man ted

Justice: u kidder u

Justice: sucj a jokester u r

BrahmasGM: Who's upnow?

Justice: where do u live ted

Texas GM: i think its Attack?

Battalion: attack take andrew campbell

Justice: strom's up

Battalion: storm up then brahmas

Texas GM: now TEDster

Calgary Storm: ok....my turn

Calgary Storm: i live west of Detroit

Justice: i live east of the D

Nighthawks: glad you don't live downtown

Calgary Storm: Steve Mason

Justice: nice try

Justice: ted

Justice: already gone

Kings GM: drafted already?

Calgary Storm: no, wouldn't want that.

Calgary Storm: actually live in Garden City

Calgary Storm: figures.

Calgary Storm: but, that is ok.

Calgary Storm: David Schlemko

SpartanGM: brb...let me know if anyone is trading...

Justice: hahaahaha gone

Texas GM: gone

Kings GM: he's gone too

Nighthawks: really?

SpartanGM: Matt Gilroy available

Texas GM: yeah

Justice: nope

Calgary Storm: oh damn

Calgary Storm: heh

Justice: hes getting taking at 71

Icebatty: what pick are we at?

Justice: 69

Nighthawks: pick bryan rufenach

Battalion: 69

Justice: i think

Calgary Storm: what?

Calgary Storm: so, i did get Sclemko or what?

Battalion: no

Justice: nope

Justice: boooooo

Justice: booooooo

Kings GM: i got schlemko, sorry

Denver Bison: is there any way to see who has been taken?

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Calgary Storm: Holzer? have to see.

Calgary Storm: tsn is slow

Kings GM: i think holzer is free

Battalion: he is available

Icebatty: yikes

Texas GM: hes good for whats left

Calgary Storm: not much

Kings GM: captain serious

Battalion: is that your pick

Icebatty: my yikes was about the toews shot

Calgary Storm: why would I want a Leaf like HOlzer?

Kings GM: because it's your pick

Battalion: who is your pick

Kings GM: rask come on

Icebatty: that puck was all sorts of floppy

Calgary Storm: rask?

Texas GM: bpa?

Calgary Storm: sorry, watching.

Calgary Storm: Nick Spaling

Texas GM: gone

Calgary Storm: ugh

Justice: didnt u just pick strom

Calgary Storm: i have...they weren't here

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 119 minutes ago

Calgary Storm: someone picked my players..hehe

Calgary Storm: Ryan Russell

Texas GM: perfect

Justice: i hope that ur last pick ted

Calgary Storm: it is not.

Calgary Storm: but, i am not going to remain online for the 99th pick

Kings GM: great

Kings GM: it's only 4:30 am in finland

Calgary Storm: move to north america where the time is better...hehe

Kings GM: i'm planning to do it

BrahmasGM: So is Ryan Russell officially his pick?

Calgary Storm: yes, it is

Calgary Storm: are you really?

BrahmasGM: I'll take Stu Bickel

Justice: nice

Battalion: justic

Battalion: e

Justice: thats who i wanted

Icebatty: Stooooooooo

Battalion: then hornets

Calgary Storm: I just want my last pick to be the best available.

Calgary Storm: can I do that?

Battalion: yes

Justice: i hope im not being like ted here

Justice: Tommy Wingels

Battalion: yes

Justice: yes, avail

Justice: or taken

Calgary Storm: hey, sorry, i somehow missed those selections.

Texas GM: avail of course

BrahmasGM: I'm going to have to get going, just make my last pick best available as well

Justice: lol

Justice: that was my 1st pick of the draft

Kings GM: next # is?

Boston Bandits joined the chat 113 minutes ago

Boston Bandits: did I miss a pick

Justice: cant believe he spilted thorugh by everyone

Battalion: hornets are up

Hornets: mikael backlund still there ?

Icebatty: no

Boston Bandits: what pick are we at?

Battalion: no

Justice: nope

Battalion: 2

Battalion: 72

Calgary Storm: I would have taken hiim a long time ago

Boston Bandits: do I have pick 78?

Calgary Storm: i forgot he was available when i made an earlier selection

Battalion: yes

Hornets: Mike Hoeffel available ?

Battalion: yes

Hornets: ill take him

Justice: i'll take him this late in the draft

Battalion: k t-rex are up

Justice: espically before ryan ruessll

Justice: lol

Battalion: brett sutter to t-rex

Battalion: bison phantoms vipers

Calgary Storm: ha ha

Calgary Storm: so Justice, what city are you in?

Justice: chatahm

Justice: by winsdor

Calgary Storm: i know of it.

Justice: across the boarder

Justice: u

Calgary Storm: i believe i've been there.

Justice: from u

Justice: nice

Calgary Storm: i live about 30 minutes from you...probably including the bridge time

Justice: we'd weclome u with opening arms ted

Battalion: Phantoms on clock at 74

Justice: prowlers and lumberjacks also live in chatham

Calgary Storm: even wearing a Steve Yzerman Jersey?

ArizonaPhantoms: isnt it bison?

Justice: but they live in the getho

Denver Bison: yeah its me. I'll have my pick in a sec

Justice: even with a stevey Y jeresy

Battalion: yeah sorry

Battalion: then phantoms

Calgary Storm: i might go by there at some point on my way to Toronto.

Calgary Storm: i think it might be better than going across New York....

Calgary Storm: I don't want to go anywhere near Pittsburgh.

Justice: lol

Nighthawks: what pick is it?

Justice: what r u doing in TO

Calgary Storm: Sinfree Crysby plays there.

Denver Bison: was nate prosser picked?

Calgary Storm: I want to go visit the city, check out the Hockey Hall of Fame

Nighthawks: crosby for scrivens?

Justice: been there a few times

Icebatty: yes

Justice: its nice

Nighthawks: steel. city?

Calgary Storm: not once.

Icebatty: prossers picked

Denver Bison: patrick maroon?

Calgary Storm: BUT, I can honestly say that I have touched the STanley Cup

Justice: nice

Justice: how did u do that

Battalion: maroon available

Calgary Storm: I have a picture with my daughter, who was 1 year old at the time, IN the bowl of the cup

Justice: nice

ArizonaPhantoms: ill take carter camper

Boston Bandits: cool

Denver Bison: ill take maroon then

Boston Bandits: can i pick?

Calgary Storm: When the Cup was won by the Carolina Hurricanes, I knew someone in the organization who I did some work with.

Kings GM: who is making the pick?

Battalion: vipers are up

Battalion: and they will take korbinian holzer

ArizonaPhantoms: bison took maroon and then i took camper

Calgary Storm: I told him that my daughter saw the cup before me, and he invited me over to his house for his son's graduation party because the cup was oging to be there

Battalion: btw http://dwshl.com/22image.jpeg

MountiesGM2 joined the chat 100 minutes ago

Battalion: we are working on some of the things we never followed through with before

ProwlersGm2: he's handsome

Nighthawks: cool

Kings GM: beauty

Justice: nice

Calgary Storm: nice

Kings GM: i'm taking tha cup to swedish sauna

Justice: well if the phonex ever win i will get to touch the cup

Nighthawks: what's that lol

Nighthawks: for homos?

Calgary Storm: i may seem stupid now, but what was that cup for?

Nighthawks: (nothing against them)

Boston Bandits: who 's pick

Calgary Storm: Pheonix winning the cup? probably going to happen to the Coyotes like it did for the Nords

Boston Bandits: am I up?

Boston Bandits: its either 77 or 78

Justice: i'll tell my uncle that hes not doing his job ted

MountiesGM2: Hornets up I think

Calgary Storm: who is he?

Justice: who...

Justice: my uncle

Calgary Storm: Hey, I fear them when the Wings played them in the playoffs.

Calgary Storm: yes, who is your uncle?

Justice: he scouts for them

Calgary Storm: I really hope that they can finally get things settle in Pheonix

Battalion: yes hornets again

Hornets: Maxime Macenauer

Nighthawks: for the swedish?

Battalion: bandits up now

Battalion: http://dwshl.com/23image.jpeg

Boston Bandits: jordie Benn?

Calgary Storm: ok...cool.

Calgary Storm: it takes more than just one scout to make a winning team.

Battalion: avail

Calgary Storm: I'm sure he's found some good players.

Battalion: do u want benn

Boston Bandits: Bandits take Jordie benn

Calgary Storm: I know I am remotely related to the Goalie Coach Francois Allaier

Battalion: wolves up

Calgary Storm: Allaire...typing sucks.

Calgary Storm: that is cool that your uncle sorks for them

Calgary Storm: works

Texas GM: ted...ok stop typing for a bit

Justice: hey guys in the lines of TY posting pics. can we all send in some nice pics and then judge who the best looking guys are.... i know the bandits r on board

Battalion: wolves will take colton gillies

Calgary Storm: you can look at my facebook

Justice: i would really were ted and I rank

Justice: like to see



Justice: where ted and I rank

Battalion: what brothers are still avail in the draft

Justice: 6

Justice: out of 10

Kings GM: who's that good looking fella Nighthawks?

Nighthawks: what pick is it now

Battalion: 80 you are up

Justice: kings ur turn

Nighthawks: ok

Nighthawks: nighthawks turn

Justice: Ted i like what I seen on facebook

Nighthawks: dale weise

Justice: teds a 8 of 10

Battalion: nighthawks t-rex then nighthawks

Justice: so far teds in the lead

Calgary Storm: heh

Justice: lol

Battalion: t-rex take paul byron

Kings GM: .

Nighthawks: my turn

Battalion: yes

Nighthawks: matt irwin

Calgary Storm: i have no idea what the pick is now.

Nighthawks: 83

MountiesGM2: Galaxy?...

Calgary Storm: 16 picks left...ugh

Battalion: galaxy yes

Nighthawks: yeees

Battalion: galaxy take Corey Cowick

Battalion: mounties are up

MountiesGM2: Mounties take Harri Sateri if avail, love the name...

IceDogsGM joined the chat 82 minutes ago

Nighthawks: he's crap

ProwlersGm2: Kovaluchuk is avaialble

Nighthawks: for my 103 pick?

IceDogsGM joined the chat 82 minutes ago

Justice: am i up

IceDogsGM: anybody got a goalie they want to deal on?

Falcons GM: Haha Harri Sateri! Great Pick

Kings GM: how about 117th and 94th for kovy?

Nighthawks: mounties up

Justice: i tried havrys

Nighthawks: justice up

Justice: Yannick Weber

Kings GM: gone

Texas GM: hes gone bud

IceDogsGM: yeah copeland, but you wanted to bend me over! lol

MountiesGM2 joined the chat 80 minutes ago

Justice: hahaahhahaha

Justice: Jordie Benn

MountiesGM2: I have Harri Sateri to deal....lol

Battalion: hes gone

Nighthawks: logan couture

Kings GM: nicklas lidstrom

ProwlersGm2: prowlers property buddy

Nighthawks: bobby orr

Texas GM: to busy chatting with ted..not paying attention

Calgary Storm: heh.

Calgary Storm: Nicklas Lidstrom...

Battalion: Justice Lumberjacks NI

Calgary Storm: you know, I am so disppointed.

Calgary Storm: I can't find the Stanley Cup Finals in HD.

Justice: i love ted

Battalion: Nighthawks then RD 4

Nighthawks: justice, please pick now

Falcons GM: CBET HD Ted, you live to close to detroit to get it on NBC HD

Falcons GM: I am experiencing the same issue

Justice: team been warned, when u come into Wash put ur hard hats on.

Justice: Ryan Reaves

Nighthawks: please

Falcons GM: Harri Sateri for Crosby?

Texas GM: hes gone

Justice: reaves

Texas GM: gone

Kings GM: crosby for rufenach?

Nighthawks: dan henningson for corsby?

Justice: mike neal

Battalion: avail

Texas GM: avail

MountiesGM2: deal....everyone witnessed this trade right? Harri Sateri for Crosby...

Calgary Storm: NBC is showing the Fireworks.

Falcons GM: ok I know I have to add something, what else do you guys want?

Nighthawks: gone

Battalion: is mike neal the pick

Nighthawks: i thought he was picked already

Justice: Kevin Marshall7

MountiesGM2: i think someone joked about how bad mike neal is...

Nighthawks: maybe he isn't

Nighthawks: ok

Justice: is marshall avail

Nighthawks: so neal is the pick

Justice: i'll take him 1st

Justice: no marshall

Battalion: alright kevin marshall to washington

Justice: thanks

Nighthawks: no

Nighthawks: mike neal?

Battalion: Lumberjacks

Battalion: up

Chevs GM joined the chat 73 minutes ago

Justice: shut uo nighthawks

Justice: up

Texas GM: Alex Stalock

Battalion: ok

Nighthawks: haha

Nighthawks: sorry

Battalion: Nighthawks up

Justice: ur not gary bettman

IceDogsGM: Can we do position changes for forwards?

Justice: u cant put one of ur forwards in nett havry

Justice: nice try

Battalion: no not at this time. for the 12 season positions will be as is.

Nighthawks: dan sexton

IceDogsGM: k

Battalion: i will talk to my brother and we will see what the rosters look like

Icebatty: Justice, are you drinking? Your typing suggests either drinking or a stroke. Do you smell bananas? Get to a hospital.

IceDogsGM: Anybody have some centre or RW depth they'd be interested in moving for LW help?

ArizonaPhantoms: some position changes would be nice. i have some players listed as Center who don't have that listed on TSN

Justice: hahahahaha.. icebats good to see ur still around


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Icebatty: somebody's got to elevate the conversation

Battalion: we are using nhl.com i think

Justice: put the effort in to ur hockey team as u doing using big words and u may be alright

ProwlersGm2: player position changes would be great Giroux is a natural center

Nighthawks: so 88 now

Justice: icebatty... u centre ur team around blair jones arent ya

ProwlersGm2: not sure if players can have multiple positions, i know there;s lots in the league that play mulitiple positions

Justice: sharp

Icebatty: which word was too big for you? conversation or bananas?

Justice: skinner

Battalion: wolves get mashinter at 88

Justice: lol...

Justice: u'll get there icebats...

Justice: one day

Battalion: piranhas get cade fairchild

ProwlersGm2: Ty do you have capabilities with this sim player position changes?

Battalion: racers up

ProwlersGm2: to do player position changes

racers: is ullstrom available

Kings GM: nope

Kings GM: nej

Battalion: yes but as ive said we are going with one position per player until further notice.

Justice: anyways good night boys.... i'm heading to bed cheers and good luck this year

Justice: >:D<

racers: taormina

Justice: TY thanks for the hard work

Nighthawks: good luck to the bed

ProwlersGm2: ok thanks

Justice: and nighthawks thanks for being the 2nd in command

Battalion: if and when we do it will not be just all forwards, they will have had to play the position

Justice: :)

Nighthawks: thanks

Justice: icebats that hug was for u

Justice: i feel that u need it

Kings GM: god natt justice

Battalion: the rosters where defaulted with some forwards capable of multiple positions we used nhl to narrow them down to their most recent pos

Battalion: taormina is avail

Justice: good nite kings

racers: ill pick him

Calgary Storm: i'm about to sign off also.

Calgary Storm: i have the 99th overall pick and well, can I just get the best available player?

Battalion: yes

Battalion: wolves take michael neal

Nighthawks: didn't he go earlier?

Battalion: kings chevaliers then kings

Battalion: no

Calgary Storm: thanks all.

Nighthawks: ok

Calgary Storm: i appreciate the talks

Kings GM: Kings take Pierre-Cedric Labrie

Nighthawks: thanks for the meszaros trade

Battalion: ok

Battalion: is hockin here

Calgary Storm: of course, and thank you as well.

Icebatty: he asked for best available a while ago

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 60 minutes ago

Boston Bandits joined the chat 59 minutes ago

Nighthawks: bryan rufenach?

racers: what pic r we at

racers: pick\

Kings GM: #93?

Nighthawks: 91

Battalion: andy miele avail

Nighthawks: yes

Nighthawks: 93 now

Battalion: miele to the chevaliers

Kings GM: kings again?

Battalion: yes

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 57 minutes ago

Kings GM: chris terry

Kings GM: välkommen

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 57 minutes ago

Icebatty: it is going to be one ugly, bouncy goal that wins this game

Kings GM: who's #95?

Nighthawks: prollly

Nighthawks: bandits #95

Battalion: rams are at 95

Nighthawks: really

Nighthawks: traded?

Battalion: yes

MountiesGM2: im leaving, ill take best avail D in final pick please

Nighthawks: ok

Battalion: zach hamill to rams

Battalion: phantoms up

ArizonaPhantoms: ill take paul thompson

Nighthawks: 98 now

Battalion: attack then racers

Battalion: attack get chay genoway

Kings GM: .

Icebatty: damnit

Battalion: racers up

racers: kruger available

Battalion: yes

racers: ill take him

Battalion: anyone with a pick ahead of 116 willing to trade down

racers: havea good night guys

Nighthawks: me

Nighthawks: have 103

Icebatty: 101

Battalion: what will make up the difference

Nighthawks: offer something

Icebatty: got another 4th or a warm body?

Battalion: danis-pepin

Kings GM: .

Icebatty: sure

Battalion: danis-pepin and 101 for 116

Battalion: ?

Icebatty: yeah, that works

Nighthawks: who is danis pepin

Boston Bandits joined the chat 46 minutes ago

Battalion: not a 4th

Battalion: storm are up

Texas GM: he said take bpa

Battalion: one sec on his pick

Icebatty: should I post it?

Battalion: yes

Battalion: chad rau to storm at 99

Battalion: chevaliers

Nighthawks: now

Icebatty: holy smokes

Battalion: chevaliers take Joel Rechlicz

Icebatty: my kid is gonna be tired tomorrow

Battalion: battalion on clock

Falcons GM: lol at boston

Kings GM: aaand we got an overtime

Nighthawks: fucking hell

Nighthawks: a $400 bid on boston

Icebatty: oh my

Falcons GM: lol fail

Falcons GM: series over

Icebatty: do the folks from toronto feel like this makes up for their own spectacular elimination failure

Kings GM: congrats chi

Nighthawks: GAY

Nighthawks: G-A-Y-

Battalion: battalion take Jeremy Smith

Battalion: hornets then nighthawks

Hornets: Alex Grant

Nighthawks: keaton ellerby

Icebatty: taken

Nighthawks: nope

Nighthawks: battalion, is he taken?

Texas GM: yes

Texas GM: blizzard took him

Nighthawks: what pick

Battalion: ellerby is gone

Texas GM: like 40 something...hes taken

Nighthawks: ok

Nighthawks: bobby butler

Texas GM: gone

Nighthawks: really

Texas GM: yea

Nighthawks: ty can you confirm?

BlizzardGM: gone at 53

Battalion: butler is gone also

Nighthawks: ok

BlizzardGM: yup

Nighthawks: one sec still

Nighthawks: arturs kulda

Nighthawks: .

Battalion: ok

Battalion: Crunch up

IceDogsGM: Who's got depth on RW and is looking to trade?

Battalion: labrie gone

Battalion: ?

Kings GM: yes

Kings GM: i got him

IceDogsGM: (or some centre depth, I'd move for some depth at centre, too)

Icebatty: I've got a bit of depth, but it might be terrible

Kings GM: interested in brad mills? :D

Boston Bandits: what a crazy finish

Kings GM: amazing

IceDogsGM: lol, well yeah... looking for quality. third liner at the minimum

Battalion joined the chat 20 minutes ago

Kings GM: feeling sorry for the Nightwhawks. no 400$ to Aleksi..

Battalion: crunch take alex plante

ProwlersGm2 joined the chat 19 minutes ago

Battalion: phantoms then vipers

ArizonaPhantoms: Arizona will take Harry Zolnierczyk

Battalion: dale weise avail

Texas GM: hes gone

Kings GM: nighthawks got weise

Battalion: ben holmstrom then to the vipers

Kings GM: .

Icebatty: what pick are we at?

Justice joined the chat 13 minutes ago

Battalion: brahmas take theo ruth

Battalion: bison up then wolves

Denver Bison: is colton gillies still out there?

Texas GM: gone

Denver Bison: kris fredheim?

Kings GM: free

Denver Bison: ill take him

Battalion: wolves take john negrin

Texas GM: Steve Kampfer avail?

Battalion: yes

Texas GM: ill take him

Battalion: t-rex take brett bellemore

Battalion: rams take luca caputi

Kings GM: which # are we going on?

Icebatty: 112

Battalion: galaxy take darcy zajac

Nighthawks: .

Battalion: mounties up

Battalion: take jussi rynnas

Battalion: piranhas up take cameron talbot

Battalion: icebats up

Icebatty: brett hextall

Battalion: kings up to close the draft

Nighthawks: .

Kings GM: nick holden available?

Nighthawks: yes

Kings GM: holden it is if he is free

Icebatty: good night guys. Thanks Tyler

Battalion: yes

BlizzardGM: thanks Tyler!!

Kings GM: great

Nighthawks: Thank you BIG TIME

Texas GM: Thanks

Nighthawks: will the new rosters be online when?

Kings GM: that's it then. tackar från stockholm!

Kings GM: thank you!

IceDogsGM: wow, what a marathon!

Kings GM: noone drafted tim kennedy?

MountiesGM2 joined the chat 5 seconds ago