Top 10 Available Defenseman
1.Chris Pronger 
This player can do it all. Pronger is coming off a solid year where he averaged over a point a game, as well as noticing his 800th career point in the DWSHL. His physical play and defensive skill are some of the leagues best.
2. Wade Redden
Wade Redden is one of the few complete players in the DWSHL. He is defensive, physical, can score, durable, a clean player and a leader. Coming off a solid year, Redden looks to sign with a contender, after the team that he was with for 7 seasons let him walk.
3. Rob Blake
If youíre looking for a guy who can put together 50 quality games, Rob Blake is your man. Blake is old and doesnít have many years in the tank, not to mention he is closing in on 2,000 penalty minutes for his career. In a matter time we will see the kind of money and risk takers for Blake.
4. Tomas Kaberle
Tomas Kaberle could very well be the best defenseman long-term in this crop. Kaberle keeps getting better with age, and now that he is on the open market he has a shot at showing his full talents under aggressive management. Hanover was good for his development, but itís hard for defenseman to settle in when they are the primary scorers on the team.
5. Kyle McLaren 
If any team is trying to lure a quality defenseman in free agency, Kyle McLaren could be your guy. McLaren is defensive minded and does enough on offense to make him one of the few two-way d-men in this crop.
6. Ed Jovanovski
Coming off a DWSHL Championship, Ed Jovanovski could be a steal for any team, as he seems to have gotten lost in this thick d-man crop. Jovo-cop is starting to slow down in his production, but can still get the job done
7.Jay McKee 
Jay McKee is a scrappy defenseman, which makes him a great liability for top teams. The Oft-Injured McKee doesnít have much of an offensive side and is always in the box. But the one impressive thing that McKee brings to the table is his impressive defense.
8. Toni Lydman
Toni Lydman is another one of those defenseman who playís hard every night, but often goes unnoticed playing for lesser talented teams. Lydman brings his positive attitude as well as a solid defensive game.
9. Marc-Andre Bergeron
Marc-Andre Bergeon has put together some very nice seasons in his brief DWSHL career. Playing the bulk of his career on losing teams, Bergeron is a team player and will bring much needed defense to his suitors.
10. Tobias Enstrom
Tobias Enstrom is a 23 year old unrestricted free agent fresh from Europe. Enstromís youth and inexperience may cause for some concern, but who could turn down an offensive minded young defenseman at the start of his career.