Top 10 Available Forwards
1. Chris Drury
Even though heís not necessarily the best forward available, Chris Druryís agent is projected to receive a phone call with just about every club. Drury isnít really that old, and is still putting up consistent numbers every year. Drury is also expected to have a breakout year, after being on lesser talented teams for 7 seasons.
2. Brendan Shanahan 
Brendan Shanahan could be the perfect piece to the puzzle for top teams. Many teams will look at Shanahan's scoring ability and leadership as a strong need to compete in the playoffs. Age isnít a big deal for Shanny, as he continues to put up solid numbers.
3. Alex Tanguay 
Fresh off a Drunks Cup Championship with the Nashville Battalion, Alex Tanguay is looking to carry that success to whichever team signs him. Tanguay will also command a bit more money, and some teams are predicting his production will be down this season.
4. Erik Cole
Erik Cole is a well-rounded forward as he has great defensive skills which are a plus on offense. Even though Cole gets banged up often, when he is in the lineup he is always a thorn in the opponents side.
5. Jonathan Cheechoo
With his fluke season aside, Jonathan Cheechoo is finally put in his place this offseason. Cheechoo is unlikely to get any better, and most teams will overlook him.
6. Rod BrindíAmour
If your team is looking for a defensive forward, a leader, or just a quality goal scorer? Look no further than Rod BrindíAmour, who in many teamís list is the top priority in this free agency crop. BrindíAmour will command good money, and his production has shown us that age is just a number.
7. Alexander Frolov 
The forward most overlooked, Frolov has tons of potential but hasnít really proved it yet. Still, with Frolov getting better every season, many believe that this player is slated to score 100 points this season if surrounded by the right core.
8. Petr Sykora
After being stuck on a so-so team, Petr Sykora is finally on the open market and looking to rejuvenate his career. Sykora is still putting up the numbers, and his tremendous success in past DWSHL seasons could make teams pay well for his services.
9. Doug Weight
A solid second liner for a top team, Doug Weight is still putting up the numbers despite his age. Doug Weight has a lot to prove, after being stuck on a terrible team for the past few seasons.
10. Miroslav Satan
Miroslav Satan has quietly put together over a point-per game in his career. Satan is starting to slow down in his career in the DWSHL, and could catch the eye of many teams in the rebuilding stage looking for instant help and veteran leadership to guide youth.