Top 5 Biggest Projected Paydays
1.Roberto Luongo
The Long Beach Brahmas just barely missed signing Luongo, and now with his new rating, will go up even further. Luongo still has years ahead of him, look for him to receive a contract right at the player maximum of $9.4 million.
2. Chris Pronger
Chris Pronger will receive a lot of lowball offers. Look for a team just outside the playoffs to acquire this defenseman for between $8-$9 million.
3. Chris Drury
Out of all the forwards, Drury certainly isnít the best, but unlike most he has time on his side. Drury is looking to land with a top team, but may find himself on a lower talent team with his financial commands. Drury might be looking into a long-term team for around $8 million.
4. Alex Tanguay 
Coming off a Drunks Cup Championship, Tanguay still has the talent to be a top line player. Rumors are Tanguay may be looking to be compensated well, and $7 million could very well be that amount.
5. Tomas Kaberle
This player keeps getting better every season. Now that he is away from a team that expects to much from him on offense, he is looking to find a team he can settle down with long-term and play his natural position. Look for Kaberle to get around $5.5 million

Top 5 projected Bargains

1. Chris Mason
With many teams already set on goalie, and a huge crop of goalies, look for new skilled players with no experience such as Chris Mason get overlooked. Mason is projected to get around $1 million.
2. Scott Walker 
If teams can deal with his age, Scott Walker is a solid veteran addition to any team. Walker would be a solid second liner for top teams. Walker is projected to be signed at around $2.5 million
3. Ales Kotalik 
Ales Kotalik isnít the kind of player teams will target with their initial offers. Look for middle tier teams to target this kind of player first, throwing an attractive offer to him before the big teams can have a chance. Kotalik could be signed for around $2 million if the cards are played right.
4. Justin Williams
A player down on production. The league has finally recognized Williams as an overrated and overpayed player. Some teams may highball him based on his previous contract, but if people are paying him on skill, Williams could be signed for around $3.5 million. 
5. Erik Cole
On the opposite side of the spectrum of Williams, Erik Cole is looking to get paid for his services this offseason. Many gmís will lowball Cole based on his previous contract instead of playing the market based on talent. Cole is projected to make between $3.5-$4.5 million