1. All bids must be sent to dwshlagent@yahoo.com

2. Teams may only place bid tickets for the amounts listed within their allowances. Meaning if team F has $20,000,000 in space they may only offer $20,000,000 total (frist year) in contracts. Teams exceeding their listed allowances will see their offers disqualified without forgiveness.

. All offers must list a year amount (1-4) and the per year salary. Offers sent in other formats will be ineligble.
Ex: Joe Blow 2 yrs/$13,400,000 + $2,500,000 SB

4. As per Harvie-Hockin rule, RFA players may not be dealt once an offer has been made on that player. Sign and trades must only be conducted amongst teams making initial offers.

5. All teamís holding the rights of RFA players are eligible to match the best offer or may choose to receive compensation.

6. Should and team decline to match and RFA offer the following compensation will be issued:


New Salary (Per Seas.)



3rd Rd Pick


2nd Rd Pick


2 2nd Rd Picks


1st Rd Pick


2 1st Rd Picks


3 1st Rd Picks

$11,000,001 & Above

4 1st Rd Picks

7. At the time of the financial freeze all allowances will be final for the free agency period and deals made that advantageously affect allotments will not be factored, where adverse transactions will.